We all have been through lots of tough situations among them feeling sorry for yourself is one of them. When we have such a bad and strong feeling, it will destroy our confidence. It won’t only destroy our confidence but our mentality towards our life will be changed. When we have such ill-feeling towards ourselves we should talk with someone close to us. They will help us in a lot of ways. Otherwise, you should stop feeling sorry for yourself by the below methods.

1. Take a Deep Breath

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Whenever we feel pity for ourselves, we are stressed. Taking a deep breath will send a signal to our brain to calm and be relax. When our brains get this signal the same signal is sent to our body to be calm and relax. Those taking a deep breath will help us with increasing heart rate, fast breathing, and many others. This is the simplest way to calm our minds when we are feeling bad for ourselves. Just sit down, close your eyes and take a deep breath. While doing this process simply focus on air that flows to our body rather than other ‘NEGATIVE” thoughts. Deep breath has many benefits for our mental as well as physically. Undoubtedly breathing is one of the best ways to prevent feeling sorry for yourself.

2. Involve in any Activities

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Whenever you feel sorry for yourself then try to involve in any activities which will keep you busy rather than being free and thinking about the same thing continuously. It’s up to you how you wanna be. Involving in any activities, whether it might be small or big it will make you focus and get rid of odd thoughts. While involving in activities, it will help you to learn new things. After the succession of the work, you will feel a great feeling of achievement. Achieving any things will boost your confidence which will automatically boost your mental health as well as your thoughts about life.

There might be lots of question such as:
What work should I do?
How to involve in any activities?
What kind of work will make me forget about such odd feelings?
The answer to all the above questions simply involves any activities which will make you feel good rather than roaming around for works. Maybe simply cooking at home may make you feel good or help your mom in cooking, cleaning anything.No need to do 9-5 jobs, Simply you need to be busy.

3. Learn to accept who you are

Adapting yourself to your situation in life can be difficult. The problems with today’s generation are that they always wanted to be who they are not meant to be. They keep on trying to someone else who they are not meant to be will make them simply feel bad. If you don’t accept who you are then it will always bring problems. You might not like the way your life works. Always focus on the positive side of your life, rather than focusing on the bad sides.
Always believe in yourself whatever you are doing. Give your 100% in anything you are doing. Try your best and accept that you’ve done what you could.

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4. Have an optimistic mindset

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Having an optimistic mindset is the most important factor cause it will help to boost your mentality. Being optimistic will allows you to handle your stressful situation better, which will help you to stop your negatives thoughts. Having a positive mindset always helps us to view the world, people, and other various events in the most favorable, positive light possible.
“If you are positive, you’ll see opportunities instead of obstacles.”
― Widad Akrawi

5. Focus on good things in your life rather than bad things

It is really important to focus on the good side of life rather than the bad one. Focusing on the good side will always make you feel fortunate. If we will focus on bad things then it will simply let us ill thoughts and mentality which will harm our body and social life. Focusing on the good side will always put a smile on our face, no matter how small they are. Many of us tend to believe that our joy can only be attained after we’ve gotten those things that we yearn for. But, one can already be happy just by changing the way they perceive life and focusing on the good aspect of life. Focusing on the good and happy side of life will lead to stop feeling sorry for yourself which happens when we have lots of negative thoughts.

6. Don’t compare yourself with other

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Comparing yourself is a sure-fire recipe for losing self-confidence and happiness. It is not a great idea to compare other’s strengths with your weakness. Cause it will destroy self-confidence and many of us do pretty often.
Let’s say I take a look at someone who creates amazing content, design on their websites and I look at my art and content skill and realize that I don’t even come close to measuring up. Comparing myself with years of experience will surely destroy my self-confidence but it doesn’t mean that I should stop my work. My work may seem a bit low but if I looked at my strength then I can see that I have a lot to offer. Comparing yourself with others will surely low your confidence and make you feel sorry for yourself which shouldn’t be done.

7. Never let yourself around the “NEGATIVE” people

Negative people will always discourage, you how good you are. They will always try to find a way to low your self-confidence.
If you are having a bad time and thoughts then such negative people will always use you and destroy your social and personal life. They will always complain about your works and give you negative feedback. For negative people, it is always hard to see the world positively. Never be around such negative people because it will always make you feel sorry for yourself which will destroy your mental health and many more. Always be away from such people.

8. Always share your thoughts with your loved ones

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Always share your thought with your family and loved ones cause they will always support you in your goods and bad. Sharing your thought will always make you feel good and you stressed may pop out of your head. Even your loved ones will be able to understand your current mental state. Whenever you share your thoughts it will help you understand the bad and good side of your thoughts. Always remember that feeling always comes and goes, it is a certain emotion so it shouldn’t be stuck in our mind for a long time cause it will let our self-confidence low.

9. Make time for yourself, family & loved ones

In such a busy and stressed world we should always find time for ourselves and our loved ones. Time slips by as we rush to complete urgent tasks that relate to juggling jobs, households, etc. In such a rush world we should stop and enjoy ourselves with our family and loved ones. Cause they will show us the importance of life as well as the good side of life. Spending time with loved ones during such an ill feeling is always a good idea. When you are alone and feeling sorry for yourself with bad thoughts, it’s our loved ones who can make us feel good. Always try to make and spend time with family and loved ones cause it will always help with depression.

10. Stop worrying about past

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Most of us always keep thinking about the past which is already passed and we always are in guilt. Always accept mistakes and should have a positive mindset where we should accept mistakes are a part of our daily life. Mistake happens with everyone and we should forgive others as well as yourself rather than feeling sorry for yourself. Aways accept your mistake and look forward to life.

We should always have a strong mentality and a positive attitude towards our life. There will be always ups-downs in our life still we should have a positive attitude. A positive attitude not only make us happy but it will give us the energy to face all sort of difficulties. Whenever you feel such an ill feeling try to have a conversation with anyone close to you. It will make you feel good. Always find a way to make yourself happy rather than feeling bad about yourself.

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