stop expecting from others

Expecting too much from other people will only lead you to disappointment. Because accepting your existing darkness is better than being lost in false positivity. It’s okay to be not okay all the time.

“If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed.”
                              ― Sylvia Plath

To stop expecting from others one should able to accept self and embrace strengths and weaknesses. Being able to open up to someone is the best feeling in the world, where you can look into the eyes of someone and say “I am fighting a battle within” nobody knows about.

Here are ten things you should stop expecting from others.

10 things to stop expecting from others

1. Realize that nobody is perfect

The very first step you should take if you want to learn how to stop expecting from others is to simply realize that the fact nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes now and then.

You are not perfect either so why would you expect others to be perfect. Noone can fulfill anyone’s expectations no matter how hard they try. One simply cannot please anybody, so try to accept that and move on.

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2. Let go of unrealistic expectations

You need to recognize those unrealistic expectations you might have in your heart regarding other people behave and let them go! This type of thinking is not good for your mental health either.

It especially leads to depression, anxiety, and unhappiness. You should become more realistic sometimes because this will increase your overall psychological health, thus you become happier. To stop expecting from others you need to have more focus on yourself.

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3. Recognize the difference between expectations and dependence

Many of us are always get confused about expectation and dependence, try not to mix these two concepts because these two concepts are in fact very different from one another.

If you depend too much on another you will get hurt sooner or later. Never make your happiness other people responsibility! Sometimes it’s good to expect certain things but you need to just be careful not to be dependent because by doing it, you won’t be making the right choice.

So to not expect from others you must know the thin line between expectation and dependence. 

4. Rethink childhood expectation

If we pay very close attention, we will realize that most of our demands, expectations are unrealistic. We all dreamt about having the perfect job, the perfect family, and ultimately the perfect life.

But no wonder that we all are unsatisfied with our life then how can we expect others to be perfect? As we all know we cannot control everything and even can make others do according to us, so to stop expecting from others.

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5. Validation 

You know your worth right? Why do you need other’s approval? Your value lies within yourself. Other people are busy tuning in to their own lives busy projecting their own needs and wants.

Their emotional or mental availability doesn’t confirm your worth. What other people will say or do to you is their reflection so don’t get confused and stop expecting from others. 

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6. Appreciation and praise 

You always expect others to say you bravo or wow and when you don’t get you to become hurt. You get praise or appreciation you cannot depend upon others. If you do good things and expect others to acknowledge it then you are setting yourself to be disappointed. 

Don’t do something to gain people’s gratitude, do it because you wanted to do it, it helps you feel better. When you do something good do not expect others to praise you. Take pride praise yourself. When you take the step in the right direction then pat yourself, and stop expecting others to say something to you. 

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7. Motivation 

No one will be there standing beside you to motivate you now and then. No one is your full-time cheerleader. A friend can sometimes help you by listening to your problems, might pick you up in your downs, but even they can not force you to enjoy your life.

It is up to you to set your goal and reach them. Stop expecting someone to do your work. Waiting for motivation to start your work is just a waste of your valuable time. Do anything which makes you excited, get into action.

Start your blood flowing, engage your mind in something outside of yourself. Feel the moment and carry on with your work.

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8. Optimism

The positiveness that you need on a daily basis can only be brought by you. Just listen to the conversation around you, you will only find blaming and complaining it’s your choice to participate with that or to blaze your own trail by focusing on what can go right instead of what is going.

9. Fulfillment

If you are trying to find someone who can fulfill your expectations then I must say it’s an endless chase. Stop expecting to meet that kind of person instead build up your own abilities to fulfill each and every dream.

It only makes you more satisfied and happy. That’s it! once you find fulfillment in your own life you start to have a good connection with other people. Which also makes you connected more mutually and healthily. You have to be right within yourself before you try to find the right person or get right with you.

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10. Solutions

 Everyone has a problem in this world. Others can sort out our problems in certain ways but ultimately you have to clear out the mess that you have created. It’s up to us how we resolve our problems.

Just think does anyone’s suggestion has cleaned up your mess? We usually try to find other recommendations but I must say we do what we really wanted to so stop expecting others to help us with our problems.

Only people with victim mentality expect others to come to rescue them. Victors review options take action and adjust as needed.

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Maybe it’s time to stop expecting from others. You need to take charge of your own life. Forgive yourself for your past mistake. What change do you want to make in your life? Where you want to take your life. Just make it happen and stop expectations from others.

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