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Do you ever wonder what the world’s richest and most successful people do the first things in the morning? Well, they basically do things that normal people like us do and have morning routines . They wake up in the morning, take nature’s call, brush their teeth, take breakfast, and go to work. But then what makes them so different and successful than the rest of the world? 

Although they do things similar to the things we do, they do it differently. What does that mean? These successful people do things systematically, meaning they have an effective morning routine, which most of us don’t. 

Mornings can be not so perfect time of the day for most of us, but managing it efficiently can make a huge impact on how the rest of the day will be. Having a morning routine is very crucial for your productivity. It helps you set the tone for the rest of your day, allowing you to control your agendas instead of your agendas taking control of you.
So, if you’re having trouble in the morning, here are the 7 Morning Routines of The Extremely Successful People that you might wanna start cultivating:

1. Get up early

Lots of people don’t know the difference between waking up early and getting up early in the morning. And that difference is what makes successful people different from normal people. Waking up means, when you open your eyes for the first time after you fell asleep. You could still be in your bed under those cozy blankets and say you woke up early. Whereas getting up means you’re out of bed and ready for the day. Successful people like Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and Oprah Winfrey start their morning as early as 4:00 am.
So, try to rise an hour early before you start your day.

2. Hydrate 

I can’t stress enough about the importance of water. After having hours of sleep, your body automatically dehydrates since you don’t drink anything when you’re asleep. So, it’s very important to rehydrate your body with water (not orange juice or any other drink) as early as possible. Water is vital for the functioning of cells in our body, and dehydration can lead to a reduction in energy level and brain function. And this is the last thing you want when you’re looking for productivity. So, as soon as you get up from your bed, take a glass of water and chug it. 

3. Activate your body

Now for this, you don’t have to go to the gym and lift weights. Instead, you can simply do simple and easy activities like yoga, take a walk, swim, or even meditate. The goal here is to move your body and make it active. When you trigger your body by doing physical activities in the morning, your body automatically reacts to it and gets it ready throughout the day. So, adding physical activity to your morning routine can be a great way to start your day productively. 

4. Plan your day

You can’t build a house without first making a blueprint of it. That also applies to your daily morning routine. No matter how hard you try to do everything on your to-do list, you can’t possibly finish all off your list without a proper plan. So, take maybe around 10 minutes of your morning and jot down things you need to do today and allot the time for all of it. Now this will not only help you in completing all those tasks but also motivate you to be ready and not be overwhelmed by that scary list of yours.  

5. Read something

Now, this is another major thing that sets successful people apart from regular people. Their reading habits. One of the things that successful people do to ensure they stay on top of their game is to be ready every day. Now that doesn’t mean you need to read for hours and hours, just take a couple of minutes to read something(it doesn’t necessarily have to be a book, you can read an article or anything positive). Now, this will have multiple benefits. Reading will not only help you start your day productively, but also improve your personal growth by learning new things every morning. 

6. Eat healthy

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” I know ‘cliché’. But sometimes, clichés have a serious truth in them. Including a healthy breakfast in the morning routine can be a great way to jumpstart your brain, improve productivity, focus, and memory. Often, you might think you don’t need breakfast to function, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should start your day with an empty stomach. When you miss your breakfast, you not only tend to work with less focus and concentration, but you also have the possibility of getting acidity. Thus, nourishing your body with a nutritious breakfast is the perfect way to begin your morning routine. 

7. Avoid your phone

I’m sure this is the first thing you see or hear when you open your eyes in the morning. There’s your phone lurking beside your pillow, luring you in with its seductive power. Now, I know phones have become an inevitable part of our life, but it’s only inevitable when you’re working. When you’re just starting the day in your bed, there’s no need for smart phones. Most of the successful people begin their day by avoiding their Smartphone for the first 30-60 minutes. This will prevent you from getting lost in the world of social media and negative news early in the morning. So, you make sure to avoid your Smartphone for at least the first half an hour of your morning routine.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I start a morning routine?

You can start a morning routine by following these steps: 

  1. Wake up earlier
  2. drink a glass of water
  3. Do use an alarm, but don’t hit the snooze button
  4. Keep your phone outside your bedroom overnight
  5. Don’t beat yourself up if you fail to follow your routine

Is it healthy to wake up at 5 am?

If you wake up every day at 5 AM, you are allowing your body to get used to waking in the morning and falling asleep the night before. After a while, your body will have its internal alarm clock that will know when it is time to wake, allowing you to have more energy for your morning routine.

How long does your morning routine take?

A good morning routine allows you enough time to enjoy and benefit from your routine! The amount of time can vary from person to person but could range anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. There is sometimes the assumption that you have to wake up at 4 a.m. to have a good morning routine.

How do I wake up in the morning?

The following are tips and treatments that can help you sleep better and wake up better:

  1. Get on a sleep schedule
  2. Improve your bedtime routine
  3. Move your alarm to avoid hitting the snooze
  4. Eat better
  5. Get regular exercise
  6. Enjoy the daylight
  7. Get a sleep study
  8. Treat a sleep disorder
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