10 Things You Can Control in Life: Here’s How

Thing you can control in life

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” A famous quote from one of my favorite films, Forrest Gump. I know how it feels when you’re feeling down or when things in your life seem out of your control because I myself have been there. 

Believe me, every one of us hit rock-bottom at one certain point in our life. And it feels like the end of the world and it seems like everything’s falling apart in your life. 

This results in you thinking that you can’t control anything in your life but trust me when I say there are things that you can control in your life. Maybe you can’t control some things like time, weather, other’s opinions, etc. However, this article will help you learn 10 things you can control in life starting right now:

10 Things You Can Control in Life

1. Your mentality

It depends on you and only you what you want to see and focus on. It’s you who gets to decide whether you put all your energy and focus on positive or negative things in your life. When looking at a rose, it’s you who chooses to see either its irresistible beauty or the dangerous thorns. This reminds me of a beautiful quote:

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” 

2. Your attitude

I want you to remember a time in your life when you treated someone harshly not because you wanted to but because of their status in society. For instance, you don’t have to necessarily treat a homeless person or say, a janitor just because of who they are. The way you treat others shows what kind of person you are more than the person you treat. 

3. Your health

Keeping aside the specific type of diseases, you can change a lot in your health with just a few actions. I know how amazing it feels to eat pizza and fries every day, but you have to ask yourself if it’s doing any good for your body. So, stop putting those junk foods in your body and start eating healthy foods like fresh vegetables and fruits. 

4. Your schedule

Do you know the thing that distinguishes normal people from the likes of successful people? It’s their daily routine. Having a routine is so crucial in your life. It’s basically the blueprint of your life. So, make a daily routine of what you’ll do throughout the day and try to implement it effectively.

5. Your emotions

You might have seen this before; two people in the same room experiencing grief, but when it comes to their reaction to that certain thing, it’s different. One’s tearing his eyes apart from crying, while the other one is sad, but not overreacting. But, that doesn’t mean you should refrain from showing your feelings but don’t overdo it.

6. You work principle

We see famous and successful people and think “Wow, they’re so lucky.” However, what most of us don’t see is the struggle behind their success. They didn’t succeed in their field overnight by just working hard for a couple of days. Similarly, you should be patient and work hard because you will thrive, eventually.

7. Your mindfulness 

Lots of people are so involved in improving their physical health, they almost forget to think of their mental health. In today’s world, your busy schedule, work, and relationship can have a toll on you. So, it’s very essential to prioritize your mental health as well. Mindfulness practices such as yoga, meditation, and liberal muscle relaxation can help you improve your mental health and focus on the present moment.

8. Your social life

You are the sole owner of deciding how you live your life. That being said, you don’t need to be obliged or pressured in doing things that you don’t want to do but because your friends and family want you to do. You can always change what events to go to, with whom to go on date, and with whom to spend your day.

9. Your education 

Now when I said your education, I didn’t mean you should go back to school. Instead, the meaning of that is that no matter how educated, experienced, and older you are, you should never stop learning. Life is an endless lesson, you always learn things from it. Maybe you’ve wanted to learn piano when you’re a child, but couldn’t, I say do it right now.

10. Your happiness

I’ve seen a lot of people doing things every day that don’t make them happy. I know life is a combination of both happiness and sadness. But that doesn’t mean you should be doing things that make you sad. Maybe you’re not happy with your job even if it has been years, get a job that may not make you very happy, but which doesn’t make you sad, either. 


What are things that I can control?

Things You Can Control in Your Life Right Now

  1. Your mentality
  2. Your mindfulness 
  3. Your health
  4. Your schedule
  5. Your emotions
  6. Your work principle
  7. Your health
  8. Your social life

What are things you can’t control in life?

Things You Can’t Control In Life, So Learn To Let Go As Soon As Possible

  1. Change
  2. Weather
  3. Traffic
  4. Past
  5. Future
  6. Other people’s opinions
  7. Other people’s happiness

How do you accept things you cannot change?

Simple ways to make self-improvement that will change your life

  1. Be willing to work hard
  2. Make sure you have friends who you can talk to
  3. Adapt to your circumstances rather than over-thinking them
  4. Ensure that you use your time wisely
  5. Always be consistent
  6. Go and find your happy place

What does it mean to be in control of your life?

To take control of your life, or exercise personal leadership, is to take responsibility for yourself and every area of your life. It means being connected with your values and vision and setting meaningful goals for yourself. When you take control, you become more productive and more optimistic.

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