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Saying “I love you”, “Je t’aime”, “Te amo” (or whatever it is in your language you use to tell your significant other that you love them) is crucial in a relationship. It feels very romantic and heavenly when you say it for the first couple of months. However, after a few years in a relationship, it just becomes old and something you say just for the sake of saying it. Meanwhile, there are plenty of creative ways to show love to your significant other than just saying I love you.

We often tend to forget that love comes in many forms and everyone has different ways of expressing their love to others. For instance, you might be someone who likes to express your feelings out loud in words. But, your partner is not. S/he might be more “action-based” when it comes to sharing their feelings. So, finding out which method your partner prefers to express themselves is very important in a relationship. 

Creative Ways to Show Your Love

When I was in a relationship for the first time, the fear of saying “I love you” to my girlfriend was so intense, it took me almost a year to say those three words out loud to her. But, then you might ask “How did your relationship survive for a whole year without you saying you love her?”

Well, although I didn’t say those words, it doesn’t mean I didn’t love her per se. Instead, what I did was I used some creative ways to show love to her without uttering those words. And surprisingly it worked and not only did it work for the short-term, it still does. I still use these creative ways to show love to my girlfriend (yes, we’re still together). 

So, without further ado, below are the ten simple creative ways to show love to your significant other without saying “I love you”:

1. Write a love letter

Remember the time where there was no internet or social media and people used to communicate with their loved ones through letters. Man! That brings back so many fond nostalgic memories. In today’s modern world, we can send a message just by a click of a button. And although some may say that the art of the letter is dead, it doesn’t have to be with you. Write a romantic and meaningful letter telling me how much you love your partner. Now, this might seem like an old-fashioned method, but it is also one of the creative ways to show love to your significant other.

2. Give them gifts

When I say give your partner a gift, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a grand and expensive one. It just has to be thoughtful and something that expresses your love for your significant one. For instance, when you come back from a trip, get your partner flowers, chocolates, or a souvenir from your trip. It doesn’t even have to be a physical gift, you can maybe take a photo or shoot a video of you telling how much you love your partner. Now, that is one hell of a creative way to show love. 

3. Arrange a surprising date

Nothing says you love your partner more than taking them on an unexpected date. We all love surprises (I mean, I do). Surprise your significant one with a spontaneous, unplanned date. Leave everything you’ve got to do behind. Book a great restaurant or take them to the place you first went on your first date with your partner. This will show them that you care about them so much that you’re willing to ruin your daily routine and go on a date with them.  

4. Say “what I love about you”

As I said earlier, people are tired of hearing those three words over again and again. You say those same words to your friends, your colleague, and basically everyone, it’s like those words don’t carry any meaning anymore. Instead, tell your partner what parts of them you love most. Perhaps, it’s their kind behavior, the way they support you every day, or even a certain part of their body. And don’t let them forget the things about them that made you be with them and love them unconditionally. 

5. Listen actively

One of my friends often used to tell me that he fought with her girlfriend every time he wasn’t listening to her. She used to ask her, “Are you listening?” and his response was “I hear you.” Now, where did he go wrong? Exactly, he was hearing and not listening to what she was saying. When you’re just hearing, your mind’s wandering and you’re not completely there with that person. Whereas, when you listen carefully to what your partner’s saying, you’re also telling her that you respect her and love her.

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6. Get out of your comfort zone for your S.O.

I don’t like to dance, and not in front of people, but in general. The last time I danced was when I was in middle school playing in a musical. Anyway, last year was the 30th marriage anniversary of my parents and I invited my girlfriend. After the cake, toast and all, everyone got on the dancing floor. Of course, except me. But, when I saw my parents slow dancing together, it made me realize something about being in love. It’s not the end result that counts but the effort you make for your partner. So, out of nowhere I took her hand and started dancing (although I have to admit it was my best performance to date). Anyway, what I’m trying to say is surprise them by doing something you’re not fond of or don’t do very often.

7. Do things your S.O. likes even though you don’t

Another of the creative ways to show love to your partner is to do activities that your partner likes to do. Maybe your significant other is a big fan of Backstreet Boys and they’re having a reunion concert, amaze your partner by getting tickets to go to that concert together. Now, this shows that despite the different tastes and preferences, you’re willing to do things that they love.

creative ways to show love

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How do you show love with actions?

  • Talk Less, Listen More
  • Find Out What Means the Most to the Other Person
  • Stick By Them When The Going Gets Tough
  • Find Ways To Uplift Them
  • Live & Let Live
  • Don’t Always Try & Understand
  • Be Open
  • Be Forgiving

What are the 5 ways to show love?

 The five ways to express and experience love called “love languages” are:

  • Words of affirmation
  • Quality time
  • Receiving gifts
  • Acts of service
  • Physical touch

Is love a choice or feeling?

Love is not an either/or – it’s an AND. When you love someone, you are both making a choice and overcome by a feeling. Love involves making the choices required to nurture and maintain a feeling. You cannot have one without the other.

What are other ways to say I love you?

  • I’m in love with you
  • You’re the love of my life
  • I love you to the moon and back
  • I’m crazy about you
  • I’m head over heels for you
  • You’re my other half
  • I will always love you

Do you have to prove your love to someone?

Love needs to be proved when the simple “I love you” doesn’t work. Some people are just plain unlucky in love and no matter how hard they try, the other person is not just impressed.

Love generally just happens and you don’t need to prove it, except when sometimes the other person is stubborn to accept your love.

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